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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Are you looking for Specialist Disability Accommodation services in Australia? You are at the right place with us!

Finding the right type of accommodation to meet your specific needs can be difficult. This is especially true for individuals with disabilities who require homes with specialised facilities. Moreover, people with disabilities often need support in their daily lives. NDIS accommodation and tenancy services can address these issues. Fowzcare is here to provide you with Specialist Disability Accommodation services.

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Fowzcare acknowledges the traditional custody of the land, pays respect to the elders both past and present, extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and provides culturally appropriate services to indigenous participants.

Fowzcare is a registered NDIS service provider, offering NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation services to individuals across Australia. Our only objective is to make our clients feel at home regardless of where they may be. Accordingly, we strive to create safe environments where they can freely express themselves and actively pursue their dreams.

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Specialist Disability Accommodation Providers

If you are searching for reliable and trusted specialist disability accommodation providers in Melbourne, look no further than FOWZCARE.

Fowzcare is a certified NDIS service provider that offers NDIS specialist disability accommodation support to participants across Melbourne and Meadow Heights. These services allow participants to be more self-sufficient while still receiving the care they require. Our purpose-built housing contributes to the delivery of supports that are tailored to individual needs. If NDIS housing is one of the supports included in your plan, our facilities can benefit you greatly.

We have the best Specialist Disability Accommodation providers at Fowzcare. By allowing NDIS participants the freedom to choose where and with whom they live, we wish to empower them. We understand that housing and living arrangements can have an impact on our quality of life and are influenced by factors such as:

  • How close we want to live to friends and family
  • Where our children can go to school
  • Whether we can find work
  • Transportation options nearby
  • The type of community we want to live in
  • Access to public spaces, activities, and services

Accordingly, our services ensure that well-designed houses in appropriate locations are available to NDIS participants. This promotes independent living arrangements, increased community connection, and access to informal support.

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NDIS Accommodation and Tenancy Services

We at Fowzcare are here to provide NDIS Accommodation and Tenancy services for the people in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Our home and living support services include

  1. Specialist disability accommodation (SDA): Specialist disability accommodation is a type of housing designed for people with severe functional impairments or extremely high support needs.
  2. Accessibility: Accessibility is a crucial component of our specialised disability accommodation. NDIS participants are afforded the freedom and independence to live their lives according to their wishes. It also allows other supports to be delivered more effectively and safely.
  3. Supported independent living (SIL): Should you require 24-hour care to lead a normal life, you are eligible for SIL support. People with disabilities over the age of 7 or under the age of 65 can access SIL and SDA NDIS.
  4. Individualised living options (ILOs): ILOs provide alternative ways of supporting and funding NDIS participants’ living arrangements. ILO provides numerous options to explore different ways to live and design support packages that best suit your requirements.

Premium NDIS Accommodation and Tenancy Support in Melbourne and Meadow Heights

Fowzcare provide a range of NDIS accommodation and tenancy services throughout Melbourne and Meadow Heights. We collaborate with some of Australia’s best builders, developers, and architects to provide access to exceptional homes, as well as Supported Independent Living (SIL) to assist you in living life on your terms. Short-term accommodation for NDIS, medium-term accommodation for NDIS, and NDIS respite accommodation are just a few of the popular supports we provide.

We offer a variety of share-house living options. They range from purpose-built apartments to villas to multi-room houses. This allows our clients to live more independently and learn self-care skills while still receiving support and care. We are enthusiastic to be broadening our accommodation providing to also include high-quality, accessible apartments for people with physical support needs, in keeping with our enduring mission to realise human potential. If you are in need of reliable SDA housing providers, you can always rely on us.

Providing hands-on NDIS accommodation/tenancy support is our expertise. To know more about our NDIS STA and other housing services, call us on 0469 708 244 / 03 9088 6463 or email us at for more information. Our experts will help you decide on the best accommodation options for you or your loved one.

Short-Term Accommodation NDIS

Under the NDIS, Fowzcare provides STA Short-Term Accommodation to participants in multiple suburbs across Melbourne.

Our Short-Term Accommodation NDIS (STA) services offer a home away from home. You will be welcomed into a safe and supported environment where you can recharge, meet new friends, and experience new things.

Whether you or your carer are looking for a break or whether a crisis has occurred and you need short-term disability accommodation, Fowzcare is here for you. Our disability respite houses provide you with a caring and respected place where you will be empowered to live independently and learn new skills.

NDIS Respite Accommodation

Looking for NDIS Respite Accommodation in Melbourne? Look no further than FOWZCARE.

What is respite care? Respite care is temporary care for a person who has needs that cannot be met in their current living situation. Respite helps relieve the stress of caring for a family member, partner, or friend and also allows parents to attend work appointments, school functions, and other important activities.

Who provides short-term respite care? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can provide funding for respite care services to individuals that are eligible. Disability respite services in Melbourne are usually delivered by NDIS Service Providers. Family members or friends may also provide informal respite care from time to time.

Accommodation Assistance Fowzcare is here to provide accommodation assistance for people with disabilities. The Accommodation Assistance plan is an excellent option for such individuals as you get to experience the utmost hospitality. A team of professional experts is always there to take care of your needs, and proper facilities are provided as per the individual conditions of the person staying with us. It also gives you an opportunity to be a part of an entirely different setup and meet new people. You get to have a taste of living independently, away from home.

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