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We provide quality and friendly services to each of our esteemed clients.


We created innovative awareness programs that use our consultants experience and skills to care for our clients.


To FOWZCARE, NDIS Disability Support Service provider, Melbourne

Are you googling for Disability Support Services Providers in Australia? FOWZCARE is the best choice for your NDIS Plans!

We have the best team of Disability Support Workers in Melbourne to provide you with the best Disability Support Services.

Fowzcare acknowledges the traditional custody of the land and pays respect to the elders both past and present and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and provides culturally appropriate services to indigenous participants.

Fowzcare is a registered NDIS service provider, offering NDIS support services to individuals across Australia. Our only objective is to make our clients feel at home regardless of where they may be. Accordingly, we strive to create safe environments where they can freely express themselves and actively pursue their dreams.

Our Specialities at FOWZCARE

  • Quality We provide quality and friendly services to each of our esteemed clients.
  • Care We created innovative awareness programs that use our consultant’s experience and skills to care for our clients.
  • 24/7 Support We ensure that premium support is provided to meet our client’s individual needs.

NDIS Support Workers

If you are searching for punctual and reliable NDIS support workers near you, look no further than FOWZCARE!

Our team understands that not everyone requires the same support. What works well for one individual may not work well for another’s needs and goals. That is why our mission is to work together with you and locate the best in-home care available.

NDIS support workers will take care of your home, lifestyle, and community so that you can continue to cherish them for as long as you want.

For more information on NDIS Support Workers, you can visit us in your free time.

Feel free to contact us for more information on Disability Services Australia NDIS. Do not hesitate to call us to know about Disability Support Services from our Disability Support Workers.

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About Us

Excellent NDIS Disability Support Services with Kindness and Compassion in Melbourne, Australia are provided by FOWZCARE.

Disability is among the most important issues confronting modern society. The stigmatisation of individuals with disabilities contributes to the creation of biases and prejudices. This results in fewer opportunities for people with disabilities and is extremely unfair as they are in no way inferior to those without disabilities.

Disability Services Australia NDIS

If you are looking for Disability Services Australia NDIS, you are at the right place with us!

The NDIS disability services Australia is an initiative by the Australian government that provides specialised support to individuals with disabilities, helping them live fulfilling lives. These services are delivered by registered providers all across Australia. Fowzcare is one of the NDIS-registered service providers that offer disability support services in Melbourne. We cater to the needs of our clients and help them overcome various challenges faced by them in their daily lives.

NDIS Support Services

Are you looking for NDIS Support Services in Australia? Look no further than FOWZCARE!

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to live a happy, pleasant, and relaxed life. Our practice was founded to provide individuals with support and advanced care services to help them reach their full potential. We acknowledge that social and economic independence are critical components of living a dignified life. Therefore, we concentrate our efforts on guaranteeing the same. We provide NDIS Support services across Australia by focusing on assisting people with disabilities.

NDIS Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Receiving in-home care is a financial, emotional, and physical investment. We are aware of this. That is why we are committed to creating an environment in which NDIS participants feel safe and supported. Our NDIS support services have been designed to reflect this. We want to know about your specific hopes, goals, and desires so that we can provide you with the best possible support.

Disability Support Services in Meadow Heights & Disability Support Workers Melbourne:

We offer you, your partner, or your loved one, the assistance that they require. Our team can assist you with a variety of disability support services in Melbourne and Meadow Heights, including

  • Services to maintain your independence: This includes assistance with household tasks, personal hygiene and grooming, housekeeping, social support, and support coordination.
  • Services that help you stay healthy: Assistance with important health needs such as meal preparation, in-home respite, and 24-hour support.
  • Services that promote community participation: You will receive assistance in pursuing your interests and hobbies, as well as services such as transportation to your desired appointment/activity.
  • Services that keep you safe: Help with living safely and independently in your own home.

This list of support services for disability is by no means complete. We also offer housing and tenancy options with assistance to make the participant’s life more comfortable. Our team of certified Disability support workers in Melbourne and specialists will ensure that our clients live independent and fruitful lives with minimal complications. Participants can also obtain assistive technology products that will enhance their quality of life at home and when traveling.

How Can FOWZCARE Help?

Our NDIS support workers can assist you in the following ways:

  • Assist with daily activities (e.g. self-care tasks, feeding)
  • Medication administration
  • Create support plans tailored to your specific goals, needs, or requests
  • Being available after normal business hours and on weekends
  • Developing plans with allied health professionals to address your condition
  • Offer physical and emotional support
  • Promote community participation by helping you attend social events or activities
  • Furnish transport services for outings, activities, or medical appointments
  • Assisting you in becoming more self-sufficient
  • Helping you exercise control over your NDIS plans

The team is also qualified to provide specialised NDIS disability services for younger participants because they:

  • Have prior experience working with such participants
  • Possess a respectful, patient, and supportive personality
  • Enjoy working with and assisting others.
  • Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Why Us

Why Choose FOWZCARE for NDIS Services in Melbourne and Meadow Heights?

While there are several NDIS-registered support providers, finding the right one is a challenging task. You want a licensed provider that is not only competent but experienced in providing such support. Fowzcare provides some of the best NDIS support services in Melbourne that allow participants to lead independent lives. Our NDIS support services are customisable to meet the specific requirements or needs of our clients. This ensures that every support service is the right fit for the participant.

NDIS Service Providers Melbourne:

If you are searching for reliable NDIS Service Providers in Melbourne, you are at the right place with us!

Additionally, we strictly adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct which establishes the minimum requirements or standards for NDIS service providers. These standards apply to all our employees, ensuring that they will:

  • Respect self-determination
  • Respect individual rights
  • Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency
  • Respect privacy
  • Ensure quality and safety
  • Deliver services competently
  • Combat and prevent violence, neglect, abuse, and exploitation. You can contact us for more information on NDIS Service Provides in Melbourne.

If you are looking for reliable NDIS Disability Support Services in Melbourne and Meadow Heights, please contact our support staff.


Our Core Values

The values are at the very heart of who we are.


Doing what is right. Being true to yourself. Accept accountability for outcomes.


Treating everybody with dignity. Recognising abilities, qualities and achievements.


Supporting people to find a sense of belonging in their community and be given equal opportunities.


We recognise and value the contribution of our employees across every aspect of our service delivery.