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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Melbourne – We Help to find your Home or Shared Living.

Supported independent living (SIL) is a form of NDIS funding that allows people with disabilities to live independently in their homes or shared living space. This includes assistance with meal preparations, personal care, medication, and overnight care. These services are specifically designed for individual participants who require support at all times.

Fowzcare is a registered NDIS service provider that offers supported independent living in Melbourne and Meadow Heights. Our NDIS SIL Support Independent Living support allows people with disabilities to live independently and obtain assistance with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and personal care. It also helps them enhance their life skills and live more independently than before. With the help of our supported independent living NDIS services, two to seven individuals can live in a shared home, each with their own private room. These services can also communicate with others and enhance interpersonal skills.

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NDIS-Supported Independent Living

We at Fowzcare are here to offer NDIS Supported Independent Living in Melbourne.


NDIS-Supported Independent Living Levels

There are three levels of SIL- Supported Independent Living. The amount of assistance required, as well as the number of individuals who live in the shared setting, determine the level of SIL funding. There are three specific levels:

Supported Independent Living in Melbourne

If you are looking for supported independent living in Melbourne, you are at the right place with us!
NDIS Supported Independent Living: What Are the Advantages?
Supported Independent Living – SIL supports are meant for people with disabilities who require more or less constant assistance in their lives. This includes overnight assistance and medical care depending on your condition. You are eligible for supported independent living regardless of whether you live with other participants in an NDIS shared living arrangement or at home, as long as you meet the criteria. The NDIS SIL eligibility criteria include the following:
The NDIS is intended to give individuals living with disabilities more choices and control over their lives. If one of your NDIS goals is to be capable of living more independently, our supported independent living in Melbourne may be the right option for you. Individuals seeking Support Independent Living SIL can reap numerous benefits such as:
young couple
Old couple

Professional Supported Independent Living Services in Melbourne and Meadow Heights

To maximise your independence, Fowzcare will collaborate with you and those close to you. We will assist you in becoming as self-sufficient as possible. Our Supported Independent Living SIL services in Melbourne and Meadow Heights will help you live independently as possible by providing personalised daily task assistance. Our staff is highly trained in responding to crises and ensuring the safety of house members, so you can always relax knowing that help is nearby. They are not only there to assist you with practical tasks, but also to pay heed to you, understand the essentials, and assist you in achieving your life objectives.

We can map out the best NDIS SIL services to support your independence at home or any other setting. Call us on 0469 708 244 / 03 9088 6463 or email us at to get in touch with our support staff.

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