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Community Participation

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Innov Community Participation falls under NDIS 0116 and includes activities not part of the community participation registration groups, for mainstream activities. The staff at Fowzcare instils a strong sense of community participation by conducting activities that meet every participant’s needs in the facility.

What is NDIS Innovative Community Participation?

Under the Core and Capacity Building section of your NDIS plan, social and community participation funding can be found:

Social and Community Participation Assistance: This funding covers NDIS participants who need to achieve their goals through participation in community, social or recreational activities. These activities can be offered in a centre or a community setting. As part of supporting social participation, NDIS may provide funds for a support worker to help you with the following tasks:
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Innovative Community Participation

Fowzcare is here to provide Innovative Community Participation services in Melbourne.

If the assistance provided allows an individual with disabilities to participate in the community, social, and/or recreational activities at a facility as part of a group activity, prices will depend on the staff: participant ratio. If the participant has challenging behaviour or high medical support needs that require additional support, higher intensity support is required for the individual.

Group support providers cannot charge for “non-face-to-face” services, including report writing, phone calls, emails, staff research and training, and so on. This is because the hourly price caps for these support services already include a grant for non-face-to-face services.

Social and Community Participation funds can be used to pay for art classes, tuition fees, sports coaching, and any activity that builds skills and independence as well as any activity that may have capacity-building components. These can also include assistance to establish volunteer arrangements in the community, individual skill development, peer support, mentoring, etc. If the support activities are deemed essential and reasonable, NDIS funds will be allotted to enhance the participant’s goals.

If you are looking for Innovative Community Participation in Melbourne, Fowzcare is here for you!

Innovative Community Participation NDIS

Fowzcare is here to help you in providing the best innovative community participation NDIS. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Innovative community involvement programs under NDIS are primarily intended to enhance community participation via social activities or welfare programs. These programs aim to promote the personal and professional well-being of individuals in terms of employment, health, education, income, and life satisfaction. Whether you’re driving to your doctor’s appointment or doing your regular tasks, social interaction and community participation in NDIS are important aspects of NDIS participants.

Fowzcare is one of the most reliable NDIS service providers in Melbourne, giving opportunities for community service and group activities which allow you or a loved one to participate actively and contribute to the community. Each activity is specifically designed to help people with physical, intellectual, and sensory challenges stay connected within the community while having fun through the Innovative Community Participation NDIS program.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy through Innovative Community Participation NDIS:


What does innovative community participation look like?

Each program with our dedicated team at Fowzcare under community participation is customised so that it best suits the participant and their goals, allowing them to get the most out of the service. Participants who enrol in this program receive assistance with: