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How Accommodations and Services for People With Disabilities Impacts Businesses in Australia?

If you or your loved one are a person with a disability and want to take any kind of NDIS support services, you should be aware of your rights. There are facilities made by the government to promote community acceptance of the rights of individuals with a disability. Every business in Australia needs to be compliant with these provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) or need to face stiff penalties.
One of the key pieces of legislation that addresses and seeks to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities is DDA. It protects you against any discrimination in education, employment, accommodation, public places, clubs, provisions of goods and services etc. All businesses, not just those providing NDIS support services, need to treat an individual with respect and dignity. It is not just a matter of following the law, it also makes great business sense, as it makes them more productive, successful, and trusted in the long run.

Impact and Benefits for Businesses

Supporting and including all individuals equally in society can impact everything in a positive way. Let us look at how accepting people with disability can impact businesses.
  • Number of people with disabilities in the country:

    As per “ABS Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2018”, if we talk countrywide, 1 in every 6 Australians, that is 4.4 million Australians are suffering from some kind of disability and require various disability support services. The numbers currently may be even higher. That is a huge number and no matter how big or small a business may be, it cannot ignore it. Any business that gives easy access and other services like accommodation to individuals with a disability is sure to reap benefits with an increase in its volume and good “word of mouth” publicity.
  • They act as both customers and employees:

    These people can be customers and employees of a business. When they are hired as employees, they give their best and work at par. Many times they even outperform other people in the team. They also bring a new and unique perspective as well as innovative solutions for best work practices that help the business grow. As customers, they have equal or more purchasing power than other people. They also tend to be loyal and long-term customers, when they are treated with dignity and provided the required services or products.
  • Everyone knows someone who is dealing with a disability:

    There are many customers and employees of a business who may have a relative or friend who is a person with a disability. These can be a parent or child, cousin or uncle/auntie or a friend who has got some disability after an accident. Any business that is not disability-friendly creates a negative impression and loses business in the long run. While simple things like providing easy access with ramps or creating an overall accessible environment help a business retain existing customers and acquire new customers.
  • Highly unpredictable:

    It may sound scary or negative to you, but that’s the harsh truth that anyone can suffer from a disability. It can be a disability from birth, accidental, or a result of the disease. Your existing employees or a customer can become disabled following a tragedy. Would you remove such an employee, who is productive and loyal, or risk losing the business or goodwill of a customer because of their disability? To retain their loyalty, the business must provide them with the required access, accommodation and services.
  • Help expands business base:

    If you have designed your business keeping in mind the unique needs of people with disabilities, you are better placed to expand your customer base. Take for example a restaurant that has ramps for individuals with wheelchairs or a furniture store that adds a line of products that can be easily used by people with missing limbs. Such a business not only is compliant with the law but also attracts more customers.

NDIS support services and Accommodations for People with Disabilities

It is not only a registered NDIS provider but various affiliated businesses that can give the required services to person with a disability. This can include providing qualified nurses, support staff, drivers, cooks, gardeners etc. There are also a lot of opportunities in supported independent living and disability-friendly shared accommodation spaces for businesses that can construct and run such facilities.
NDIS support services in Melbourne and other cities, which offer various disability support services also require specialised equipment. This opens the door to a great opportunity for enterprising businesses. This way, they can create new lines of products and increase their turnover. The demand for such equipment and specialised services is likely to grow in future as NDIS covers more and more people with any kind of disability.
Are you looking for specialised and affordable disability support services in Melbourne? Fowzcare is the place where you receive NDIS support services in the city that are reliable and qualified support workers who come with years of experience.
As an NDIS registered services provider, we follow all NDIS guidelines and pricing. Contact us to know more about our dependable services. You can email us at or call on 0469 708 244 or (03) 9088 6463.